I was wondering if anyone can confirm my thoughts on the setup I want to achieve. At present I have a VCI-100 f/w1.3 and using TT 3.5 mapping with Traktor Scratch Pro 1.2.4 and Maya 44 USB and everything is working fine. However what I want to acheive is the use of timecode vinyl so I can scratch and play normal vinyl.

Therefore this is what I am thinking:
I will buy NI Audio 4 DJ soundcard so I can use the timecode vinyls with Traktor. I will use the multicore cables to connect to souncard and an external mixer for the normal vinyl inputs and master input from soundcard. My main question is will my VCI-100 be able to be used with the timecode vinyls for scratching and also could I then be able to use 4 decks (2 jogs and 2 timecode)?

I really like the VCI-100 as a controller and have upgraded the crossfader to the Pro X Fade but would like the vinyl feel for scratching (can't get on with the jogs)

Any help or confirmation that this will work will be appreciated before I go and buy and try myself.