Supplyin' the groove: a rant of sorts
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    Default Supplyin' the groove: a rant of sorts

    I've been a musician my whole life. I play on the upwards of 8-10 shows a month as a solo folk musician and I also run a small commercial studio in the town where I attend school.

    My freshman year of college I got really into all the french electro. I actually got into audio production being fascinated with the way the music was made. Being an OCD kinda kid, I read obsessively about production and a year later I started building a small studio where I now record folk musicians.

    In highschool I played World of Warcraft with a bunch of friends. We had a bunch of Canadians in our guild who we've kept in contact with years after quitting the game. For the first time, we visited them in Toronto on new years. They're all really into the rave scene up there and we went to the GUV night club. I'm not really sure how, but I made it into one of the DJ booths and got to do lighting in one of the smaller rooms in the club. It was probably one of the coolest fucking experiences of my life.

    A few months later, I got a copy of traktor and a midi controller. Through knowing people in the Michigan indie scene, I've been able to weasel my way into playing at house shows; a few which have been really cool. Anyways, this is my new obsession. There's just something so awesome about giving people something to groove to. Like, 200 people in a cramped little room all dancing their asses off to the same beat. I feel like I go into a trance the whole time and not a damn thing in the fucking world matters. I love performing because it puts me completely in the moment. As a solo artist, I always think to sing as hard as I can until the audience disappears, which can be tough to do sometimes, but with a good House/Electro set, it seems to come so easily. I dance like a raging fool too, and for some reason people always seem to dig it. Erm... I think... haha

    I'd also have to say it's the best way to listen to music, as it's so interactive. I'll find myself mixing through a grizzly bear or animal collective album. Obviously it doesn't always match up, but it gives me that similar tangible, aesthetic quality that putting a record on your record player does; it brings you and the music one step closer.

    Most people would rather be in the crowd and dance, but us musicians have taken the initiative to supply the groove. And that, my friends, is awesome! Keep doing what your doing and enjoy every fucking second of it, whether you're in your room or at the top of packed club. And play for yourself, not a damn other person. I'm soooo excited to see what I can do with this new hobby of mine! I'm also really glad I stumbled onto this forum and I'm looking forward to becoming part of this community


    Joe Hertler

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    Man this is exactly how I feel, I DJ most house parties for free just because I love helping people have a good time! There really isn't anything better than standing behind your table and watching people enjoy themselves because of what you're doing. I really really love helping people have a good time . Great post! That's exactly what I do this for, my love of music and my love of seeing other people have fun
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