Best DJ set I ever heard/seen
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    Default Best DJ set I ever heard/seen

    Last night I was lucky enough to catch Deadmau5 in my home town. He was in Newfoundland for the Junos (Canadian Music Awards) where he won best Electronic Music album. He played previously on the weekend but with all the plane delays from the volcano he had another show which I was lucky enough to see.

    All he was using in his set was a touch pad (Like an I PAD but bigger) and what looked like the clubs djm 800 mixer. The guy layers his sets like no other I have heard before. All on a touchpad where he was using ableton if I were to guess. Anywas, he has a great stage presents jumping around all over and pouring champaigne into the crowd and wearing the infamous mouse head. The club only holds about 400 people so the amosphere was great.

    The touch pad he was using seeemed so affective. He was beatmashing and adding clips really fluently. I just had to share this because it was very inspirational. His dj set was like a live production adding vocals here and bass lines there and the crowd was eating it up. Imagine just showing up to the club with a touch pad and nothing else and rock it like that guy...mad respect.
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    I saw Deadmau5 live as well. He wasn't using the touchpad at the time or pretty much any video I have seen with him. Anyone know what equipment he uses? He claims to not be a DJ and actually despises DJs (see Wikipedia).

    He is a great producer but his live sets are DJ sets despite what he says.
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    i have heard him say that those things he said were blown out of preportion.

    What he said is...that he is not a music affecionado.

    He does not collect music like DJ's would etc.

    He does come off a bit poncy tho.
    Saw a vid...where he was getting ink done....and chilling with Tommy Lee.
    He gave Tommy Lee some shit....which i think was a bit off.

    Apparently they I shoudl not read too much into that.

    The best DJ i have seen.....or experienced.....would be Tsuyoshi Suzuki.
    He used to play here every year.....for a few years.

    First time i saw him ....he was on vinyl.
    Second time (the best time) he was also playing vinyl...but the story goes that his one vinyl box was stolen at the airport....his main one...and was left with leftovers.

    He managed to pull off a set that blew my mind. PROPER mashing of trax ....

    He played the original Born Slippy over some Psy....
    This was really something no one had seen yet here in Cape Town.

    It was fucking RAD!
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    the touchpad thingee is a lemur...

    there's also some video floating around on youtube which is more recent (I think?) with deadmau5 talking about his live setup with ableton live, which is really interesting to watch if you can find it. it involves multiple mbps midi sync'd, all running ableton live coming out into a xone 4d, along with a monome and a lemur.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sarasin View Post
    Saw a vid...where he was getting ink done....and chilling with Tommy Lee.
    He gave Tommy Lee some shit....which i think was a bit off.
    yeah apparently they played together at ultra, so i'd imagine their pretty tight. / /
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    best act ive ever seen, bassnectar, hands down.
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    I saw Andy C play the most fluid and technical drum and bass set in about 1998 at The Que Club in Birmingham.

    It was like some sort of jungle space odyssey... He was working the EQs like he was fingering a... well you know... mad delicate and shit...

    They were almost all his own productions too.

    Super slick
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    I saw Andy C at the final WEMF up in Canada. I've seen him since then, but that set was probably the one that sticks out in my mind the most.

    Probably the best set I have ever seen performed live, and I strive to go to as much as I can, even driving all over the place. 3 decks vinyl and just going nuts with the drums and basses.

    EDIT: I also want to say how disappointed I was with his set at Ultra this year. He was only on for 15 minutes and then took off, and Dieselboy/Dara/AK1200 (who were on before him) went back on. Apparently there was a show in Toronto that he had to fly to make, and so he split early. What I don't understand is why he just didn't switch set times with someone so he could actually play. It really bothered the hell out of me that he was only on for such a short amount of time.

    The most interesting? The Glitch Mob.

    Though to be honest with you, I hear Daft Punk is due to make an American tour next year to promote their new album and the soundtrack to the new Tron movie. So I'm really hoping to see them.
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    Andy C goes off BIG TIME over here in Perth


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    for sure Andy C is amazing.

    I caught 12th planet last week. It was like Armageddon in the room. Amazing, disgusting, dubstep set.

    But i think my favorite set has to be RANAJUNE on the ipads. AMAZING!!!

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