Is it possible for an Internal/External Setup?
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    Default Is it possible for an Internal/External Setup?

    I've been using a "VCI-100 FW1.3", "Traktor Pro" & "Numark DJ|IO" for 2 years now.

    Just recently I bought 2 "Stanton Str8-150's turntables", "Vestax PMC-05 Pro III (2-Channel mixer)", & "Traktor Scratch Pro".

    Is it possible to have my setup run half internally and half externally.

    I want my decks A&B to be controlled by the turntables & decks C&D to be controlled by my VCI-100(Ean's Latest Mapping).
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    i think (and i could be wrong) that you need a four channel external mixer to control the sound. However, you can control decks C+D with the VCI as far as play, loops, effects, etc. goes.

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    Yeah you're gonna need 4 channels. You'll need to upgrade to the Audio 8 DJ and a 4 channel mixer. Although if it's possible, you could try routing decks A & B to output 1 & 2, and C & D also to 1 & 2. Then assign volume faders for your decks you are using with the VCI (so C & D for example). Might work, I dunno
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    i believe it can be done with a 2 channel mixer, u route the audio of the internal decks out the same channels as the external decks and then control the levels of the internal via midi.

    i'm sorry i don't know TSP well enough to know how to do it or if you still have vol control with the software mixer gone in external mode
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    You could route your audio through Ableton before routing it to your mixer, that would let you mix 2 decks internally inside of Ableton while routing the other 2 decks to the external mixer.

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