Upgrade Suggestions for a VCI-100 setup
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    Default Upgrade Suggestions for a VCI-100 setup

    Hey guys!

    I'm trying to update my setup to replace my M-Audio Fast Track Pro, get a good mixer and get more analog effects. I'll be using it for Digital Recording and Performing.

    Currently I've got:
    • VCI-100SE
    • AKAI APC40
    • AKAI LPD8
    • Traktor Pro
    • Ableton Live 8
    • ASUS Laptop (NO FIREWIRE)

    I was looking at the Ecler Evo5 and the Korg Zero8 but I've encountered 2 problems:
    -Both are Firewire only soundcards (which my PC does not have - Although i might get a MBP by the end of the year).
    -Both of them are tightly integrated to Traktor Pro, meaning that it features functions that my VCI-100se (which I'm very happy with) already has.

    I've also considered the Pioneer DJM-400, because I already have a soundcard and the controllers (VCI-100 and APC40) and what I really need is a mixer with analog effects.

    Should I stick with the Fast Track Pro to save $$?? Is the Evo5 giving me much more that I already have/need?
    I would appreciate any suggestions on the gear (what to replace or get and what not), as the MBP+EVO5 is almost $5000.


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    I guess my real question is, would you be adding this to just get the analogue effects?

    Because personally I know that with Ableton you have a whole load of effects you can use, even more-so than with any standard analogue controller. To me, that's half the benefit of it.

    You route Traktor through Ableton I imagine?

    I guess I just don't understand the need for analogue effects with the arsenal that Ableton and Traktor both have.

    My best suggestion if you are solely looking to add effects, would be the Pioneer EFX-1000.



    But props on the setup, that's close to what I want at some point
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    I'm going to look into it!!

    The need is really on the mixer (which i don't have) and the soundcard (again Fast Track Pro is very disappointing to me). The analog effects are really just because I do not want to rely solely on digital effects but to have something already setup. (Maybe i'm crazy, but I do need some analog feeling!!) - also sometimes I use Traktor only for smaller unplanned parties and I would like more effects than the ones coming with Traktor.


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    I forgot your other question, I do route through Ableton, but not all the time.

    Maybe I should explain my dilemma better:
    Audio 8 DJ $400 + Pioneer DJM-400 $550 = $950
    MBP $2500 + EVO5 $2000 = $4500

    How can I get the same quality for what I need, spending the money wisely??

    Thats my weeks long dilemma!!! hahahahha

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    so you just want external effects?..
    would just buy the efx1000 if you want them that bad.
    or buy a mixer that would do midi and analog and then you'd have effects and extra controls.. considering you're not doing timecode..

    you didnt state how much you'd actually be willing to spend, since you compared $1000 to $4500. ...!...

    BigC is right- effects in your programs are massive.

    "How can I get the same quality for what I need, spending the money wisely??"

    A: sounds like what you need is a mixer and soundcard, not MBP for its firewire.
    Behringer DDM4000?? and NI sound card??

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    you gotta give a little more direction in price point and channels you'd be using and what not... lol

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    Thanks for your reply Asand!!

    3-4 channels and around 1000-1500 max

    I considered the DDM4000, but although the reviews are not that bad I'm hesitating with Behringer, thats why I considered Pioneer.

    I'm looking into the efx1000...and I'm liking it.

    Your suggestion for my setup would be DDM4000 + NI Audio 4/8 DJ and efx100? Whats your take on the DDM4000?

    The thing about spending wisely is that if you add up all that gear it would be around $1650 ($350+$400+$900) on amazon. Wouldn't it be better to wait a bit longer to upgrade my laptop (which I will at some point this year) and get the EVO5 or something alike for almost the same price??


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    the EFX 1000 is a great piece. I've messed around with one for like, 3 hours, reallly cool.

    But real quick. You run traktor, sometimes routing through ableton. and you want MORE fx options? I'm not trying to knock on you, but the fx in traktor are one of its strongest points, and when you add ableton to the mix, the possibilities are endless (there was a vid of ableton fx in traktor using the maschine as a controller a while back, cant remember who posted it). The Apc 40 is an amazing controler, as is the vci 100, throw in the oxygen 8 and the lpd8.... wow, you have a lot of controls at your fingers.

    What type of style do you play? are you into live sets (on the fly production)? what kind of controls are you realllly looking for.

    the oxygen 8 doesnt really fit into your setup, cause that asus computer probably doesnt have enough usb ports, and running live synth work in ableton can chomp cpu like a bitch (DAMN YOU MASSIVE!!!!). I find myself wanting a microkorg a lot more than an oxygen 8 at times, because it doesnt stress your cpu, and youve got lots of options on it (although its not the best production synth).

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    With the fx options, I'd just feel better to have some effects that are not digitally generated by the software.

    I play electro and club mixes (mostly electro mixed with hip hop) and most of the time i just DJ. Once in a while I play prepared sets in Live that I improvise live depending on the crowd.

    I have a 7-port USB hub (which is full already!!), but I use the Oxygen 49 for production, it almost never leaves home.

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    The Fx in Traktor and even more so in Ableton make the fx on mixers look like kids toys. Not to mention that the FX on most mixers have been sooooooo overdone by every man and his dog.

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