DIY Solutions for Stylus Guard?
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    Default DIY Solutions for Stylus Guard?

    i'm starting to travel a bit more with my gear, and even though i don't need a really good needle (timecode), i still want to protect it from breaking (surprised it hasn't yet). i don't have any cart guards (think i mistakenly threw them away), anyone have any suggestions on some DIY ways to make a guard?

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    I have the Shure needle case, but I've also found that old medicine bottles work quite well too.

    Another good one is to get a couple of urine sample containers from your doctor... I've got two M44G's mounted on Technics headshells inside one urine container...

    Urine containers!!! YEAH BABY!!!

    uh...the containers were unused. Not to be confused with 2 DJs and a cup. :P

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    Default mean needle guard as in NOT a carry case.

    you could always just take the stylii (is that right?) off the cartridges and carry them in a pill box or something.

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    Get a glasses case (specs). Put 2 blobs of blu-tac on the bottom half and attach the carts (stylus up) to the blu-tac and close the case.

    Been doing it for years. works a treat.

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