APC40 and using ableton effects
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    Default APC40 and using ableton effects

    Hey everyone I just picked up an APC40 i'm really excited to use this bad boy. I know a lot of u talk about using Abletons effects, but are these controllable with the APC40? Also if i'm using the basic EQ Three effect does it only apply to each individual scene or clips or is it for the master channel?

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    I know absolutly nothing about djing with ableton

    I do dabble with it for production, but my midi knowledge is pretttty low.

    Now that we've got that out of the way. ITS MIDI YO!!!! hahaha. You can do anything you want basically.

    EDIT: sorrry, wrong vid, let me find the right one hahaha

    EDIT 2: there it is!


    now, that videos not exactly what you want, since she is routing traktor through ableton, but you get the idea. Lots of possibilities!!!!
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    If an effect is dragged into the channel, it applies to all clips. sequentially, the one selected determines the APC40's endless encoder behavior.

    i.e: if you have an echo effect, and a 3 band EQ on one channel, whichever one is highlighted or active will be one being manipulated.

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