2 Laptop plus 2 Traktor
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    Default 2 Laptop plus 2 Traktor

    Not sure if this been discussed already or not,

    Ive been searching for day's and week's a way to Sync 2 Laptop running Traktor Pro. (Chris Liebing Style)

    On most thread i found, users being saying that it is not possible, that it is broken in Traktor ect ect.

    How is it that Leibing is able to do it with Speedy J ? How is it setup, i mean how hard can it be ??

    I tried a few thing's (in all honesty very complicated setup to easy one's) i even tried the info's from the Traktor Manual.

    For some reason under Midi am missing some boxes... Like where to choose output and input.

    Also, if thus we get this midi sync working, how do we setup the sound, for instance if i want to pre listen to what my friend is cueing on his end, how do we go up doing that ?

    Me i have a Xone DX and Traktor Pro and he has 2 CDJ 800, a DJM 800 and a X1.

    Is it be possible to set this up like that or am missing something ??

    Thanks and Cheers

    Cid K

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    If you wanna cue what the other laptop is playing, you'll have to have a separate pair of cans connected or a mixer between the two boxes. As for syncing them over MIDI-Clock. Easiest way would be to grab some USB to MIDI DIN connectors for each box and have it accept midi in/out from it. Or if you're on Mac OS X, you could try and use the IAC driver. Easiest way is to have an EXTERNAL MIDI clock like the Xone mixer or you can buy little ones that are AC powered that you'd plug midi into.

    This is a post from the NI user forums on the same subject...

    "I send clock from Traktor to Ableton just fine. I also tested with clock from my Xone to the Audio 8, which also seemed to work though I didn't try it for more than a few minutes. Send clock from Traktor will fluctuate in the 1/10 of a BPM range, but the audio seems to stay on point regardless. MIDI just sucks in my opinion, they should bring OSC back if this was indeed working in the past.

    For those wanting to do Mac to Mac syncing, OS X has built in MIDI over ethernet.
    This would work with either a Firewire or 100/1000 Ethernet connection and should be more reliable than USB<->MIDI<->USB as USB isn't a time critical protocol. For example, USB packets have a minimum guarantee of 10 ms delay in bulk mode on OS X. Direct ethernet connections should be < 1ms.

    To set this up open up /Applications/Utilities/Audio MIDI Setup and create a new Network link. This works over bonjour so it should be easy to setup once the machines are plugged in.

    FYI: there is also an AU device called AUNetSend which can pipe audio over IP as well. If you have a decent connection, preferably a Firewire or Gigabit network between machines, the PCM codes can give near 0 delay in my experiments. I actually used this to harness the power of another computer to run 1 or 2 virtual instruments in Ableton and pipe them using AUNetSend and AUNetReceive on my host Ableton machine successfully. I didn't have multichannel sound cards at the time."

    You could also try something like this... http://innerclocksystems.com/ ... The hardware version.

    Hope this helped a bit! Peace!
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    I experimented with this recently using my laptop and mini-pc, syncing t3>tpro and tpro>tpro with IPMidi.
    The slave(s) will have a slightly fluctuating external tempo, this is true. It does get slightly off, but nothing really bad.

    The problems arise once you start changing the master tempo. Obviously the master machine changes directly, but on the slave, I've always seen Traktor oscillate around the received master tempo to catch up - as if you were beatmatching two TTs only using the pitchfader. Overshoot, undershoot a few times in a row until you're spot on.
    Traktor just doesn't SNAP like that, and here's a little thing you can try to see it for yourself without doing midi sync.
    Look at the master tempo in internal mode, set one deck to master, then change the deck master to a second deck with a different tempo. You'll see the internal master tempo smoothly catching up with your new deck master tempo.
    This allows you to for example delay/freeze out of one track, set your next track with a diff. tempo to master and start it - and the frozen delay will speed up/slow down progressively to match the new track.
    Well - the same kinda thing happens when you're slaved to an external tempo source (traktor or not - I witnessed the same behaviour syncing from my DDM4000's midi clock).

    The end result is that when changing the master tempo, your traktor slave can go noticeably out of sync, then catch up, and *you can't nudge it* short of un-syncing all your decks in the slave and adjusting them manually.
    If you change the tempo very slowly, you can get away with it.

    What annoyed me as well was the limited control over midi latency compensation in the slave - there is none, you can only increase by some ms in the master and that's it.

    Considering the pitch-bending effect traktor slaves are showing, I'm thinking it could be better to sync the two traktors to an external midi clock. This way, they should *hopefully* wobble around the received clock in the same fashion...

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    Alright ill try that tonight :-D

    For some reason dough under Midi Config in the preference menu am missing some boxes... Like where to choose output and input ect,

    Am running Traktor Pro 1.2.4 Am i supposed to see some stuff in there ?


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