might be making the switch!
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    Default might be making the switch!

    from ableton to traktor! lol. but the controllers i have now dont seem to be well suited for traktor (the apc). it just seems to be an odd fit. i'm thinking about getting something like the vci or maybe even the new xone dx.

    ableton has been working perfectly for me but the lack of a real file browser has finally gotten to me =/. does anyone know if there is one in the works with Max for Live?

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    Quote Originally Posted by josh@firestorm View Post
    i believe bento mentioned that he's building one...
    Have not started yet though, i am still doing research into what object i need to use to build a good interface.

    Id personally stick with Ableton and do some pioneering work, but i can definitely see why people who just want to mix would keep on with Trakor at this stage.

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