My VCI-100 Controller Doesn't Control
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    Default My VCI-100 Controller Doesn't Control

    Heres my issue,

    I am running Traktor Scratch Pro version 1.2.1 on a windows vista laptop. I bought a used VCI-100 SE that was originally purchased from DJTT with the 1.3 firmware. After already having Traktor Scratch Pro for a few months, I plugged in my new controller. Windows Vista recognized the device, and said it was ready to use. I went to DJTT, downloaded the V3.5.1 mapping, and imported the "FX Glitch Fix" TSI file into Traktor.

    NOTE- I simply extracted the TSI from the zip onto my desktop. I didn't put it anywhere special.

    Under the "Controller-Manager" tab in Traktor, i selected "VCI-100SE - Generic MIDI....." from the "Device" dropdown, and set my in and out ports as "Vestax PC-Controller".

    NOTE- My "Assignment Table" stayed blank throughout this process.

    I closed the preferences window and tried using the cross-faders and knobs, but nothing happened.

    NOTE- The "MIDI" light at the top of the Traktor window DID go on whenever I moved anything on the VCI-100.

    I went back into my preferences, to the "controller-manager" tab, but the "Device" had reset itself to "Generic Keyboard....". It continued to reset itself to generic keyboard each time i closed out of the preferences window.

    If any on these things are not supposed to happen / someone has an answer to my problem, I would greatly appreciate some help.


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    You have to update traktor to the latest version or else the latest tsi file won't work. It took me a couple of days to figure that out when I got the VCI-100SE. Let me know if this works.

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    You need 1.24 at least.

    its not actually resetting itself generic keyboard is just the first in the list.

    When you look at the vestax one though in the controller section of traktor, can you see any mappings that have been loaded in?
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    Yea, the problem was that I was not running 1.24 or higher. Now things are working swimmingly. Thanks a bunch.

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