A Producers & DJ's Edition of my Album?(what do you think?)
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    Default A Producers & DJ's Edition of my Album?(what do you think?)

    I was thinking about releasing all of my songs and albums as a data formatted DVD album for $49.99 containing all 55 songs and 5 albums of my tracks but also individual loops and stems of every beat, bassline, synth loop or lead from every one of my songs with unlimited use for public performance and a $200 a loop fee for commercial license and use.

    so basically you could buy this data DVD and it would have every song on it in .wav format 44.1/16bit as the album collection.

    then it would also have individualized loops of every single instrument riff or drum beat from every song with unlimited license for public performance use and freely distributed remixes/live mixes - using my stuff in your live show or in live promo or remix giveaway mp3's cost nothing extra.

    using any of my stuff on a commercially available release would only cost $200 extra per sample and could be paid conveniently through a website with no hassles, just fill in the form, list your name and song name and what samples your using and paypal the fee for a legally binding contract to use that sample, clean and easy.

    and again, if you're performing live or giving away promo stuff, performance sets or straight remix's/original productions containing samples from me for demo only purposes, there is no additional fee just the DVD purchase price.

    simple beats would be done as short 2-4-8 bar loops depending on the progression of the drums, generally the same would be done with congas & tablas, shakers and most basslines.

    instruments of a more progressive and evolving nature would be included as complete tracks/stems.

    my ableton live set itself would be included compatible with 6 or later.

    the 5 albums in cd quality are roughly 3 GB, all the loop samples and multitracks are roughly 3-4 GB as well so it will all fit a 2 layer data dvd nicely

    does this interest anyone?

    would you consider this a fair price for something like this?

    I'm just looking for general feedback before I go and press some of these, I'm thinking of starting with 100-200 and see how it goes.

    what do you think and checkout my soundcloud link in my sig to see what I sound like.

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    interesting idea, and the way forward, kind of.

    i don't think it'll be too long before it's a common thing for tracks to be released with a few loops/stems for the proper digi dj

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