going to switch music styles (a bit)
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    Default going to switch music styles (a bit)

    so after making my offspring vid yesterday, i have gotten a taste for these kind shenanigans so going to start working on a load more of them, and try to get into doing support act duty at gigs around town for bands.

    gives me an extra string to my bow while trying to get my house/breaks sound back out round here. doesn't help that someone from down the road has started doing, musically, what i was going to do on last sunday of every month, but they're doing it on a friday instead. i wanted to go pure controller though
    that would create a house/breaks overload in this tiny little town

    what you guys think?

    also some track recommendations would be good. working through kerris collection atm, got stuff like manson, linkin park, korn, slipknot and foo fighters to play with. but some more suggestions would be cool. not really my area tbh lol. which is why i'm hitting the obvious tracks
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