how to make a pretty video totorial?
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    Default how to make a pretty video totorial?

    i was wondering if anyone had any good tips on making a quality tutorial video of one using traktor pro. ideally, i would like to simultaneously record 3 things:

    1) live screen shot
    2) live video feed of my controllers
    3) live audio out of traktor pro

    im mixing internally so im assuming the live audio can just be recorded internally in traktor as usual. but does anyone have any suggestions on light programs to tackle my live screen shot and live video feed (perferably freeware)? im using osx on a macbook pro, so i plan on throwing these three things together with imovie or something of the like. also, i currently do not have a video camera to record my controllers, so i was wondering, is it possible to use the camera on my mbp to record a live feed while i use traktor? if this isnt possible, im sure i could come up with a small digital camera with recording capabilites that would suffice. cheers

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    same question here, but for windows 7!

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    When you say live what do you mean: You want to broadcast it live? Or you just want to record it so you can edit it later and post on youtube etc?

    In an absolute ideal world you would record 3 things

    1) The screen, using screen grab software like snapz pro
    2) A wide shot of you talking with the controller and everything in shot
    3) A close up of the controller

    So two cameras and screen grab software.

    Little tips:

    Make sure there is a lot of light on you when you films, this goes a long way.

    In an ideal world get a radio/necktie mic to record your sound. The quality of the sound when you're talking is what can make a massive difference to it looking and sounding proper.
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    i make all of mine with a condenser mic, to capture my voice, an old camcorder hooked up via firewire to keep everything in time, and I use Screenflow to record, edit, and package.

    Screenflow is great. It's not free, but I think they have demos.

    You could also record your controllers in iMovie, and use Quicktime to record the screen and audio, then stitch it together in imovie. That's all free and native to osx. Then you should record over with your voice, I'm not a big fan of using built in mics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaxOne View Post
    When you say live what do you mean: You want to broadcast it live? Or you just want to record it so you can edit it later and post on youtube etc?
    oh maybe i should have cleared that up... i dont need to broadcast it live, but just record it to edit it later.

    maxone and armyofme... thanks for all the tips. ill try out a couple different things when i get the chance, thanks

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