different files (.wav, .aiff) and patches (kontakt halion)
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    Default different files (.wav, .aiff) and patches (kontakt halion)

    so, i was browsing through some sample websites and i see different file types.

    whats the difference between .wav and .aiff files? why are the .aiff smaller? and what are patches? i don't quite get it..


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    different ways of storing bytes, basically.

    wav is more recognized at the moment, but you can convert between aiff and wav all day long and you won't have any loss of quality, since they're both lossless.
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    .wav and .aiff are audio file types which both save audio uncompressed. Usually these "codecs" use CD quality (16bit @ 44khz sample rate). If one of the .wav files has another size than its .aiff counterpart then the .wav might use another resolution.

    A patch is like a preset for a software synthesizer. It's probably one or several audio files put together with some additional informations about speed, envelopes etc.

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