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    I am looking to buy a pair of studio monitors. I want a pair that puts out nice clean sound and is at an affordable price. They dont have to be too large, they are just for my basement. Any suggestions? What do you have?

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    i suggest the search button... :-)

    sorry mate but i couldn't resist! this topic has been covered before in a few different threads. read through them to get an idea first.

    having said that, the best advice i can give you is to take a cd with a few different styles of music you like to listen to into a music or dj store in your area and demo it on what they have there. try a few different shops as some may stock different brands to others.

    just because someone on a forum says the 'speaker brand x' is better than 'speaker brand y' doesn't mean it particularly is. what sounds good to them doesn't mean it will sound good to you.

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    I just made a thread on this about 2 weeks ago

    I ended up purchasing a pair of Mackie MR5s. They sound very nice, and the total came to 440$ for two of them and XLR cables! Even though I did get a bit of a deal, that is quite the bargain. They came with a music making, editing, recording, and even mixing (apparently) program called Tracktion which I thought was awesome as well.

    Great price, great sound, and very good value overall.

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    The mackie MR series are pretty decent if your on a tight budget but dont want to give up too much in quality.

    I am hanging out until i can afford their bigger brother though, the HR series.

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    on the back of a couple of recommendations Lance being one of the guys, I ended up picking up the Fostex PM 01's love em allows me to work on productions and I am a complete nub when it comes to this so it's great being able to learn on a decent set of speakers, also I use them for my mixes

    can't say enough about them to be honest but that's my personal opinion not that expensive either for what you get.

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