Traktor & Serato at same time. Possible?
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    Default Traktor & Serato at same time. Possible?

    Ok, so I'm playing a few clubs at the moment & they all seem to have serato (or virtual DJ). Just wondering if there is a way of running traktor and serato together both using timecode with the CDJ's? Like maybe there's a THRU function or routing option I can do. I'm assuming the 2 programs won't work with the same timecode CD's and require their own versions? That's cool, but is there is a way of routing the CDJ's so all I gotta do is use 2 channels for serato on the mixer & 2 for traktor without having to physically unplug the CDJ's just to switch what program is being used.


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    You could probably do it the same way the "NS7 hack" was accomplished. Rip your Traktor timecode, load it into the Serato decks and route the serato output into Traktor input. Theoretically it will work but real life latency will probably make it unuseable.
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