Hi guys:
I can't get the NIO & the nocturn to work together on Traktor.
Separately, they work fine, but when i plug both to my computer and open Traktor, it only shows the one that was plugged first.if i plug the nocturn first, the nocturn works fine, but when i try to configure the nio audio driver, there's a message '"Connect an audio device". And when i plug the nio first it works fine but in this case, traktor allows me to configure the input and output with automap midi but in the automap hud says two clients connected - no devices connected.
The weird thing is that when i try to configure Ableton Live it happens the same.
No connection trough Hub, everything's straight to the computer
And yes, i have the latests drivers and everything.
I'm using a 2010 Sony Vaio laptop w/Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits.
Intel I5 - 4gb of ram.

Please Help :eek:!!!!!