What mixer would yall use for the EKS Otus
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    Default What mixer would yall use for the EKS Otus

    Hi all new to the dj tech forums ..like the post reads...IF this controller ever comes out which midi mixers would yall think would be a good choice to operate a pair of these babies??..im thinking about getting the Otus Raw since the thought of a touch sensitive pitch slider isnt sounding too attractive to me....

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    well i guess anything with some good fader comes to mind, like a 1D, but I think that most ppl who get an Otus will use a regular DJ mixer, I'll be usin my Vestax PMC-CX, i think loads of ppl will be usin A&H 92's and DJM 800's or any other 4 channel mixers for 2 Otus
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