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    hey guys,

    hopefully you can help me answer this question. My jogwheels are very sensitive...not sensitive to the touch-which i can adjust on the back of the unit, but sensitive to where i using the jogwheels to adjust the pitch of the track

    with a mouse i can really fine tune the pitch, but sometimes my jogwheels either overshoot, or undershoot the spot where I need it to be.

    is there anything I can do to help fine tune the rotation of the jogwheels so that I can adjust the pitch smoothly? is there a value i can change to adjust sensitivity?

    i know this sounds confusing.....if i dont use a vci and i want to speed the track up i would press those arrow signs ( < ) or ( > ) with my mouse and it speeds the track up GRADUALLY..where as on the vci - if i move the jogwheel it seems to speed it up in increments.

    anyhelp would be much appreciated.
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    here is the conf I use for pitchbending with jogwheels.

    is the same tks manufacturer file but I changed the resolution to default.

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    thanks i will try it out. my setting is on min at the moment.

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    yeah, just change the sensitivity in traktor mapping

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