usb sound card for VCI-100
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    Default usb sound card for VCI-100

    Hello guys
    Im new in the forum but old in this site.
    My name is Dimitris from Greece and im very glad i found this site.. NICE ONE EAN and guys!!!
    I am using the vci-100 with traktor pro + fast track pro on Windows. I just bought a new macbook pro and i wanted to install the fast track pro but in maudio site there was not a driver for the latest OS i have.
    Anyways thats not my problem.
    I want to ask which is the best usb sound card to use it with my MBP+Vci-100 on traktor. I play in parties and for friends so i dont want something pure professional but i want something good for my needs and something that worked very smooth with my setup.
    I dont care about the price so much..
    All your answers are welcome.
    Nice to found you all!

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    I have an NI Audio 4 and it works great. An NI Audio 2 would work great in your situation if you don't ever really plan on adding equipment. The Numark DJ/IO has a lot of users and is about half the price, but I think the general consensus is you'll get better sound out of either NI products.

    Might want to give this a read
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