how often do you record yourself ?
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    Default how often do you record yourself ?

    Hi ,

    I was wondering how often you guys record your session ?
    Do you do it to check after your work, to put that on a podcast(if so, any place you can recommend) or do you even sell them ?
    I m starting to record my work in order to listen to all the stupid mistakes I can make of course but I must admit it s quite greedy on the laptop.

    Thanks for your feedback ,


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    Record then reformat to an mp3.

    I've been messing around with it a bit, but not a ton yet for personal use. Still having too much fun/amazement at what I can do with Ableton to really decide what I actually want to use yet.

    Literally in the process of figuring out what my buddy needs to hook up to get his sets recorded. Trying to get him to "step out of the bedroom" because he's GOOD. So I'm sort of promoting him, but he has no mix's yet and so we're working on that.

    But basically for friends and promotional purposes really. Once you get a track signed/on a label, then you can begin to start thinking about cash.
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    Recording yourself is a great way to learn as you can pickup on mistakes you have made and areas you need to work on when mixing. its not so obvious when you are having a jam but go back and listen to yourself later and whoooaa mamma you'd be surprised how bad you sound
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    With Traktor I am trying to do it as often as I remember. Especially when I just "jam". For me this works on so many levels. I can be very OCD and linear when recording (Im talking about writing down EVERY detail of a mix as a sort of sheet music script to follow).

    I can definitely go spontaneous and mix but in the "old days" of using vinyl and setting up a recording served as a sort of subconscious (or really conscious) kind of stage fright. I was concentrating too much on the fact that "I am recording" even if I wasnt trying to do it as a final project or anything.

    With Traktor and overall with the digital interface its as easy as a click of a button so Im trying to just flick on the record button as soon as I start playing for several reasons (to get used to the mind-frame of "always being on" & to listen to the sets as a critic). I feel its strangely liberating as the "freestyle" sessions record the spontaneity and build on my ideas of the moment. Then if its not to my liking...I go back and try to make it "perfect"

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    Every time Traktor opens I record.

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    I used to record a few times a week but now I really only record when I'm making a new mix. Generally each mix gets recorded 2 or 3 times because I check for mistakes and don't want to release anything that sounds bad. Gotta protect that rep ya
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    Once a week I (try to) play a liveset on Ustream and I always record an MP3 of it for two purposes:
    1.) To later make it downloadable of the people who liked it or missed it and now wanna hear it;
    2.) To analyze my mistakes (Which is maybe the most important reason why a DJ should record his live mixes)

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