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    Default Traktor Duo Time Coding???


    I have two turntables, an external mixer and am running traktor skratch duo from my laptop through a usb cable into the audio 4 dj converter. I am able to play tracks from traktors deck A & B, but I am unable to control the track via the turntables????

    Please will someone help out and give sum advice

    DJ Toma

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    1. Dj Multi / Boris

    2. I'm From Belgium / West-Vlaanderen

    3. Enjoy playing house, dance, hardstyle.

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    New York


    1) Nagi Rock (Corrigan backwards) / Alex
    2) NY
    3) House, Trance, Dubstep

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    Dj frogstar

    Djing for about 15 years now... Started off with hardcore/breakbeat/gabber then moved into jungle/dnb.. am now focused on breakcore and dubstep.

    My style has always been 4 channel mixing with fx and samplers. Rarely ever play the same song twice and never bother with routines. That pretty much sums it up.

    Great forum here, and should be fun to dig through.

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    Sherman, TX


    Quote Originally Posted by Rolfski View Post
    1. Rolfski
    2. Amsterdam
    3. Deep Disco:
    Cool group, joined and following.
    Chris Jennings FHP

    Podcast - Soundcloud - Mixcloud - Beatport Charts - x

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    Quote Originally Posted by photojojo View Post
    Cool group, joined and following.
    That's nice, you were only 5 persons away of becoming the 2000th member
    Sorry to have to hold on that special cake

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    Northern Ireland


    Hi guys, used a few resources to beef up my midi knowledge so thought i'd sign up to the forum!

    1. Im Chris Woods

    2. Not far from Belfast, Northern Ireland

    3. All forms of house music, but i also have a residency playing more commercial stuff.

    Im still using CD's for DJing, but aiming to be on Traktor by the end of the year if not earlier. I use Ableton for production

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    New York, NY, USA


    1-Killa Saintlouis



    Some background. Use to DJ from 1986 to 1997 on 1200's, mostly rap. Got married, needed money and sold off equipment. Always wanted to get back into DJ'ing. Found traktor 2 and was impressed on the digital technology of DJ'ing. Figure I could doodle with it and get back into as a hobby. Got a vci-100 and found this site to be the most knowledgeable on the subject. Been on this site and buying gear now for a little over a year. Decided to start participating on the forums.

    Current equipment - macbook pro 15", traktor pro, vci-100. Probably gonna sell my vci for the s4.

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    1. Dj Stiffy (steven power)
    2. Dublin Ireland
    3. Anything at all really my music taste changes by the day

    bit of backround, Played bass for 7 years now so was always into music, love my rock music but slowely got into music tech then that merged into computer djing without a controller about 2 years ago then about a year and a half ago got my first controller, now 4 controllers later and still going strong, just do it as a hobby at the moment, but trying to get some mix tapes together to start giving out to clubs since the dj's in clubs around here arent that great :P

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