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    Wow, lots of new members lately. Welcome guys!
    Chris Jennings FHP

    Podcast - Soundcloud - Mixcloud - Beatport Charts - x

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    Default New to DigiDJ

    Dj ADub/ Alex Wong
    Corvallis, Oregon, United States of America
    Electro, ElectroHouse, Top40 remixes

    I just got into digiDJing and got a Numark Total Control, running Traktro Pro 1.2.4, Dj StormEagle's NTC Mapping, and a DJiO audio interface. I am going to be buying some speakers and hopefully a midifighter soon. Currently I am in college, so the bulk of my gigs are house parties and a few frat parties. If i get good enough and i can get a following hopefully I'll be able to play in one of the bars or something in town!
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    Default dj here

    my name dj name is dj volkl
    name gerardo
    city of westmorland calif
    style music house,electro,drum n bass, hip hop, top of cumbias

    I am using sctach live i have the 1200 technics and the korg km 202

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    1. Jack Stacks aka Stacks the Genius
    2. Chicago, IL
    3. Mainly tech house / tribal some techno / minimal / progressive

    Started djing 8 years ago on technics 1200's. Needed money so I sold my equipment and saved my vinyl knowing I would be back. Took a couple years off and started messing around on cdj's. 4 years ago I bought my current set up (2 cdjs 1000mk3's and a djm-800) with the intent to utilize a DVS down the road. Almost bought traktor pro scratch this summer but held off to see what the new S4 was all about.

    I've been lurking around these boards for awhile now, thought I should make it official.

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    Been meaning to get around to this

    1. Dave/DSharps/Shrapnel
    (or d#s, lulz...)

    2. Philly

    3. EDM/House

    Started with controllerism, I was pulled in by Moldover and Ean, with all their cool gear. Never had any talent with traditional instruments, but I've been into synths for a while, and interest in DJing grew out of that. I've got a Hercules DJ Control Steel, and a Korg R3 both with custom mappings. Still in the bedroom for the moment, but there's some opportunities coming up soon.

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    Default Hi

    I'm Stephen from Britain, Uk or whatever you call it in America.

    I don't have a DJ name but monkey spunk is the first thing that popped into my head when I tried to think of one just now.

    I'm DJing with every kind of music I can find. I think I have ADD because I can never play a track for more than 20 seconds without doing something to it. I like mashups and rather than finding harmony I prefer to put things together that really do not and will never go. Donna Summer and AFX springs to mind.

    I forgot the rest of the questions I was supposed to answer

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    1.Bob Bell aka BellectroniQ

    2.Crewe, England

    3.Bass-heavy, electronic goodness

    Produce with Ableton, Reaktor and Reason, amongst others and am really looking forward to getting my hands on the Kontrol s4. Have been after a controller for a long time but have held out cos knew something like this would be in the pipeline, just didn't imagine it would be THIS awesome. Honestly, can't fukkin wait!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rolfski View Post
    1. Rolfski
    2. Amsterdam
    3. Deep Disco:
    I'm not one for listening to Soundcloud mixes, but I did enjoy your mix. My kind of tunes. Well done.

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    Fan of Rolfksi . That group and the Cosmic Group are a gold mine of tunes.
    I love all the SuperBreak stuff.

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    1. Awave
    2. Zeist, Netherlands

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