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    Hi all,

    My name is Simon and I'm the owner of

    Enjoy making the best music!
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    Hello guys and gals, glad to be here!
    1. dj xhman
    2. Austin, Texas
    3. Hip-Hop, Soul, r&b, EDM
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    Hello everyone.
    I call myself Maximizer, I took this name because of the strong urge to take everything to the extreme. I am a home DJ from Poland. My favorite genres are the funky tech house, progressive / melodic and British house and garage sounds. In fact, I like all genres, in this sense I have no stereotypes, but the question is what kind of music I can play better.
    If you prefer dry tech house, I'd like to recommend my recent 4th mix from the Groove House series.
    In this mix I used a lot of "curve mixing" not in the bar, I think this mixing method is very well suited for tech house and techno.

    My passion is also an interest in new kinds of controllers, hardware and software concepts. In this sense, I am a bit like a maniac.

    I will be glad to see everyone on soundcloud and in subscriptions.

    All The Best!

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