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    It keeps asking me "What does a DJ play"?

    Isn't this rather ambiguous?

    My answer was:

    If he is very lucky, he plays his heart and soul in the form of music. If he lucky, he plays what tne promoter pays him to. If he is unlucky, he plays whatever he wishes because nobody is listening.

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    I am not sure this is the place for your bio...i'll leave it...

    WELCOME to all the new members...
    Weapons, not food, not homes, not shoes
    Not need, just feed the war cannibal animal

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    Default hi everyone

    A little bit about me....
    Been into the house scene since early 90's, had 1210's and sold them on in the early 2000's I bought myself a secondhand traktor S4 mk2 last year and hooked again. So much so, ive just bought a new s4 mk3 and f1. Id like to use the f1 for pure effects for now. ive tried installing tekken's mapping... but screwed up and had to mess about reinstalling Pro3. So ive joined this group to educate myself on hoe to explore the new s4 mk3 and f1.

    Many thanks Leon

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    Great to hear that. Two great controllers you have on your hand. Two important points for using the TEKKEN mapping:
    1. Controller Editor: After loading the .nckf1 template, make sure it is selected, so that the buttons and LED's work the way they should; most importantly to make the SHIFT layer be a toggle trigger and not a hold trigger.
    2. Traktor Controller Manager: First use the export function (at the bottom of the Preferences window) to save all your old settings, especially your FX settings (which is where you FX list is stored). Second, use the import function (also at the bottom of the Preferences window) to load the tekken mappings. IMPORTANT: You have to do it twice. The first time, ONLY import the FX settings. The second time import everything. Only this way will all the referenced FX be imported with the correct numbering.

    I hope this helps.

    P.S. You can find a few S4Mk3 mods on the NI community page that try to reconstruct some of the Mk2 functions for the jog wheel if you like.


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    Default Hello!

    1. DJ Miss Deezy / Amanda D.
    2. New York
    3. Pop, Hip Hop & EDM

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    DJ Mister Vince
    New York
    Open format/Radio DJ, but my true love is classic Hip Hop!

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