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    Default USB Hub

    Hey all!

    I've always been using controllers with integrated sound cards, so all I've ever needed until now was 1 USB port. In around a month I'll be playing back to back at a house party. I will be using a BCD3000, and an Audio8 and a mixer for a CDJ-1000 setup. So this will take up both USB ports on my MAC. I will also need some free USB ports for external HDDs.

    Now I was wondering if anybody in here has any experience with USB Hubs, and which ones can handle the pressure.

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    There is an article on the home page, type "USB hub" into the search box.

    There has also been a LOT of talk about USB hubs in these forums (most of it very useful). Use the search on "USB hub".

    I personally use a Cables Unlimited 7-port multi-TT hub with great success (you should NEVER put your audio card into the hub, just controllers).

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    I agree with pilmat. I ALWAYS put my BCD3000 in a direct connection to the computer, even if it does have its own power supply. But it looks like you'll just be using the BCD as a controller rather than a soundcard since you have the Audio8. In that case I would recommend having the Audio8 directly in computer (as it is not self-powered), and your BCD and HDDs in the hub (BUT ONLY if either the HDDs are powered, or the hub itself is powered) DO NOT put an unpowered HDD in an unpowered USB hub, otherwise it will not get enough juice and something could possibly break.

    I myself use the Belkin F5U706 (detachable travel hub) and only use the detachable part because I only use the BCD as a soundcard.

    My rules of thumb: if it doesn't have a plug, plug it into something that does.
    otherwise only make 1 to 1 connections
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