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    so for some reason my firebox will only set up the outputs correctly if i open the presonus firebox mixer app before i open traktor (or while i already have traktor open i believe). i dont have to leave the mixer app open, i can then close it and the outputs will be configured correctly, but it is just a little annoyance i have to go through everytime i open traktor. does this happen with any other users? anyone have it figured out so that i dont have to open the mixer app everytime i want to run traktor? im on osx by the way. any help is much appreciated.. thanks people

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    My solution to that was to use 0/1 for the Cue, and 3/4 for the main output, you loose the front panel master gain adjustment but it means no pissing round with the config app before a gig.

    Set your traktor master gain to about -13 dB if you take this route as the output is no longer attenuated by the front panel adjustment, when I first did this it was at a sound check on a very loud system and I forgot to turn the master down - was dead for the the next three hours...

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    i just had the mixer software auto start on startup, made things a little more automatic...
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    Didnt someone write a Script that ran the Firebox Mixer when Traktor was started.

    Im sure i read that on this forum.

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