Consistent sounds for transistions
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    Default Consistent sounds for transistions

    I didn't know quite how to word this but i've been listening to a lot of Girl Talk lately (a source of inspiration) and in his mixes I feel like I always hear the same clap, kick, and snare used through out his mixes. It could just be me but is this something that you guys have experimented with?

    To me it seems like a great way to have that consistency and subtle way of transitioning from one track to the next without noticing. It seems like your listening to the same sound then all the sudden something comes in over top.

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    sometimes when using 4 decks to mix i will loop a 4 bar intro or outro that i particularly enjoy and let it run through the next couple of mixes, applying different fx/eqing to keep it from going stale. i like this technique alot and it comes in handy as long as you have the extra decks to work with

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    sometimes i keep a loop running of a kick/snare combo or a nice set of high hats. i also keep variations of that kick/snare combo to keep things interesting. i also have build up 'woosh' sounds to create my own build ups and a few cymbals (i use some from the deadmau5 xfer sample pack) for build ups.

    as for the 'woosh' sound, i make my own. if you have ableton just load a snare with some reverb, delay with a filter that opens up over your desired amount of bars...or just use a reversed cymbal with some reverb lol. works great too =D

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