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    Default traktor controller editor midi port question

    so i have 2 identical midi controllers hooked up to traktor pro. i have them routed into separate ports within the midi mapping section, effectively allowing me to use both controllers on the same channel without any conflicts in midi notes. now once they are routed, everything works perfectly as expected, and i love it. however, when i first start traktor, the program never seems to remember which controller is supposed to be routed into which port. so this forces me to go into my prefs, open up the controller manager and manually select the correct ports for each controller each time i use traktor. its only a minor problem and easily fixed by manually routing them myself, but it would be much more convenient to have them routed the way i want them each time i start traktor. anyone have a similar problem? any ideas?

    so far i've tried a few different things yet to no avail. ive tried to give each controller a different name in my audio/midi setup. nothing. i've tried plugging them in a specific order (tried every order possible). nada. i've tried to plug them into the original port that i first plugged them in. zip. any suggestions?

    any help is much appreciated...

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    What controllers are they?
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    2 x vci100

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