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    Default Sound system help

    Im throwing an event this wednesday at a bar.

    they have 2 speakers connected into an (from what i presume) is an amp they use for kareoke..

    I want to get two towers and a base bin

    the setup for the dj's is an djm 800 and 2 cdj 1000's

    how can i set this up properly.. i am pretty bad at audio setup so any info / advice will help.. even basic help on audio setup would be appreciated.

    btw, i am going back tommorow in the day to test it out further so i might have more info on it tommorow

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    Default set up

    easy one out to house amp,: main out to your two towers

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    Know your output from your mixer: is it balanced (mono TRS or XLR) or unbalanced (RCA or TS or stereo TRS).

    Then look at what is at the club on the connection side. You can go unbalanced to unbalanced or balanced to balanced, but do not mix. If you stay with the same signal type you might just need adapters or the right cables.

    If in doubt, take pictures of the club equipment panels (note the make and model too) and we can help you if you are still struggling.

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    if you're going to set up more speakers, you're going to need another amp, as the one already in the club is probably only big enough to power the two speakers in there. my advice is: if you're going to bring in a system, don't use their system. it eliminates a lot of headaches. / /
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    [ame=" i=spell&resnum=0&ct=result&cd=1&ved=0CBYQBSgA&q=ho w+to+setup+dj+mixer+to+a+powered+speakers&spell=1"]Google[/ame]
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