Traktor pricing???
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    Default Traktor pricing???

    I'm pretty sure that a couple on months ago, a Traktor Pro upgrade from Traktor LE was only $119.00 for a download verison from NI but now it seems to have gone up to $139.00, same price as the boxed version. Anyone know what the deal with that is or am I looking in the wrong place....

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    Boxed Versions and Download versions are always the same price on the NI webstore. Theres never any difference dude.
    Dunno dollars but its 129euros for the LE to PRO upgrade.

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    I was quite stunned at the TP to TSP crossgrade to be fair - seems hella expensive (but I suppose you're getting a whizzy soundcard)

    Ah well, it'll have to wait till next month ...
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