college radio ideas!!
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    Default college radio ideas!!

    ok so im planning to start my own little radio show at my university (nothing fancy) but i was wondering if you guys had any ideas on how to go about structuring the show.... should i do more of a straight music (maybe throw some FUTURE mixes in my show hiphop/pop/edm/house), or more of a talk and play whatever kind of music? any input ? hopefully i can gain some experience and promote myself alot more .... is there anyone out there who hosts a radio station show?

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    You need to decide on what kind of style you want to go for. Whatever you choose, try to stick to it, so that people get an idea of the format and musical direction of your show.

    Play to your strengths. Are you chatty ? Good with ad lib humour ? Or perhaps have a brain like an encyclopedia and can roll out facts about the tracks you're playing ? Maybe you want to showcase your mixing and leave the chat to a minimum.

    And above all.. prepare your shows first.
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    i just mix, maybe touch the mic once a show, if ever, lol

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    I used to have a radio show back in college. Was the only guy playing EDM south of Burlington as far as I know lol. It was fun, I was even more of a noob now about mixing than I am now.

    I used to prep like crazy for my 2 hour show. I had prepared playlists every time, because I wasn't a radio student I had no idea how to use any of the software so I just used burned CD's and mixed one song after another on the show. (Between different CD's of course).

    But I really had a lot of fun with it, and it's cool being able to set things up as a selector. It gives a chance to listen to tunes, and it's fun if you can also have an online chat as well. If the radio station has an AIM name or an online chat, it's fun to get interactive with the listeners.

    I didn't do it for very long because I didn't have time, but probably one of the cooler experiences that I involved myself in at college. Given it was a military school (Norwich University in VT) and I know almost no one listened to that style of music, it was still a good time. (This was back in '04 and I literally mixed everything from Aphex Twin, Meatloaf, and a lot of DnB).

    Another buddy of mine had a radio show down at UMASS Lowell for a few years, and he had people in the studio all the time. He played all sorts of DnB, and had a decent following for awhile until he graduated. Was an awesome time, and I actually miss having his radio station around.

    Have a great time with it, and you can do whatever, but I highly suggest a lot of prep
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    bring in local djs to do live guest mixes / /
    me on beatport / me on djtunes
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    You could do a your college version of BBC Radio 1's "Essentials Mix"
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