Tks Files For Vci Ext Mode
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    Default Tks Files For Vci Ext Mode

    hye guys i was going to PM JecS but i decided to do it public lol
    i have a couples make myself clear i have VCI 100 with firmware 1.3 and i want to do all my mixing externally since im going to get a new pioneer i was thinking of creating new TKS files for mixing externally since all the pre CUE and the mixing is getting done on the EXT mixer i dont need those knobs on the VCI so i can have those mapped to a different way for my own benefits...i also want to kepp some features of the VCI se like the faders effects and the performace modes except for the DECK C my question are!!!

    1)In what version should i mappd the VCI.. IN FIRMWARE 1.2 or 1.3?
    2)What sofware would you reccomend for the maditranslator?(WINDOWS OR MAC) i haved tried midipipe...

    thanks for the helpp

    thanks you guys in advance i was going to use this tks file but i haved decide to create my own new
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    I have firmware v1.3 and they work on both of my VCI's
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    1. It all depends on which functions you want to use most.
    Firmware 1.2 = Stock / Normal VCI-100 funtions
    Firmware 1.3 = Ean's VCI-100SE re-mapped funtions

    So basically, if you want to retain most of the 1.3 firmware but map
    a few of your own, you would need to map those to the 1.3 firmware tks

    2. There are a couple mentioned in several threads, however I can recall Ean
    and other fellow members mention they prefer MidiPipe.
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