Having Fader problems NEED HELP!!
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    Default Having Fader problems NEED HELP!!

    for some reason my vci fader going from deck A to B or B to A does allow me to fade into both tracks playing at once...its either both songs play together fully or 1 deck is playin fully, i cant go like 80 percent to one deck?? got a gig saturday night and need help please thanks ?!?!

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    Have you checked the C.F. Curve knob on the back?
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    i think you have your crossfader curve set to sharp. there's 2 settings for this and one or the other should fix it. first, on the back of your vci there is a small knob that should be labeled x-fader curve. twist it all the way to one side and your vci will have a smooth crossfader going from deck a to deck b. however, there is also i setting for this within traktor. i believe its in the preferences under the mixer section. once again, set your crossfader curve all the way to "smooth" and that should have you all settled. hope this helps

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