where can i buy screws to re-mount my needle?
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    Default where can i buy screws to re-mount my needle?

    hi everyone... i have a shure needle that i need to re-mount onto a headshell yet i dont have any small bolts that screw on underneath the headshell to the screws... where can i buy these without being raped by dj shops...?

    thanks, benji

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    If a reputable DJ shop charged you for screws, I'd be surprised...

    This is the sort of thing that the Internet cannot replace....having a good relationship with a brick and mortar store.

    I experienced this exact thing with Guitar Center... they hooked me up no charge!

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    my local cable shop hooked me up with a free splitter once and when they ran out of multi core solder the tech guy there back handed a nice 1meter length of it...

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    Send a nice e-mail to Shure - they'll more than likely post some out in an envelope for you.
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