Hey guys,

I have a few questions I'd like to drop that I've been looking to figure out.

A. Is there any software/hardware for a sampler that I can couple with Traktor Pro (in the sense that when recording or broadcasting a mix, traktor pro will record the samples into the mix) ? (I'm budgeting about $100 for hardware, so I'm not looking for something like the NI Maschine.. even though it's damned sexy).

B. How can I apply a mic to a live mix/ recording through traktor pro? (I have a samson CO1U Condenser Mic). This is namely for doing shoutouts/listing off the next track in a mix while performing live over stream.

C. What's the best settings for latency when recording/broadcasting, in which hardware (specifically the Omni Control) will respond with the least amount of delay? Or, what's the best in-between you know of?

As of now, I'm using Traktor Pro w/ Win 7 64bit, 4Gig ram.. wondering if I put the music files on an external HDD will help at all or whatnot. I normally run my pc setting to optimize for performance, but if you can think of anything I could do to to improve performance, I'd appreciate it.