Anyone clarify how traktor saves cue data?
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    Default Anyone clarify how traktor saves cue data?

    As i understand it, there is a file called a stripe or a .nml or something that it writes cue data to. But, i think that it also writes information into the id3 tag of the track. So my question is, does traktor write cue/grid data to the id3 tag?

    It seems like it does becuz i can move the tracks and traktor still recognizes the saved cues. or, it could be that it matches up the file name to the one saved in the stripe. i dunno.

    Im asking this becuz i want to scrub all the old versions of traktor off my computer when i install Pro; and, i want to make sure all of my cue points, loops, etc, will be saved.

    forgive my ignorance, if it comes off that way (i tried to find the answer myself, but without any luck.)

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    Actually it uses both...

    But the stripe mainly stores all the data when it analyzes the file.

    As long as you don't rename/change the filename at all, Traktor will find it and display all the information/changes you have done to the track.
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