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    How does Traktor compare to the Bridge? I am saving up for my DVS, and i have just under 500 put away right now. There is one that I am heavily leaning towards, and today I get my paycheck so a purchase will be made in the next couple days (after months of saving...i am a college student..we don't have a lot of money) Before i make my purchase it would be cool to see how Traktor compares feature wise to the unrelased bridge?

    Peronally, i think having Traktor and Ableton would be 100% more powerful than Serato/Ableton. After digging deep, the bridge doesn't offer much that Live itself doesn't offer.

    Right now. I am going with Traktor Scratch Pro(buying in a couple days after a long wait!!), and going to produce my music in Logic studio. I think that is a more powerful combination.


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    In the context of choosing DVS, I'm not sure what Logic has to do with it.

    Having said that, the key statement in your post is that Bridge is still unreleased.

    Based on what we know, Bridge appears to be more of a workflow solution in that incorporating it into your set will require some learning in order to gain the benefit.

    I look at it like this... The Kontrol X1 presents a similar workflow alternative, however not everyone will exploit the features as we've seen Rafik and Craze do.

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    I would agree with your that TSP and Live is the way to go.

    Serato is for playing tracks....DJing.

    Traktor is also like that but MORE. As you have seen with Bento can route Traktor to Live and have the best of both worlds.

    Seeing as you producing too....the added elements of Traktor outshine Serato in this case.

    Bridge to something that a HipHop Serato DJ user who produces too...would use.
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    With SSL/Ableton/Bridge, you can scratch the actual live set as if it were on a turntable.

    As far as I'm aware, there's no way to do that with anything else, but if you're nor producing your own stuff or working with multi-tracks, it really doesn't matter. If you don't scratch, it doesn't matter.

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