DJM 600 or TTM 56?
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    Default DJM 600 or TTM 56?

    I realize not only are these different quality mixers, but also different mixers as far as capabilities are concerned, entirely.

    As it stands right now, I'm only using my mixer with two channels, through traktor via a sound card- so losing the two channels on the DJM wouldn't kill me. I definitely don't have the money for decks of any kind right now to even use those channels with and don't have the dinero for a new sound card either.

    So going off of the information that I'm only using two channels anyways, and I'm being offered a trade for my DJM with a Rane TTM56- would you make the switch?

    I also have a KP3 I'm looking to hookup to the TTM56, since I'm loosing any on-board effects (I know I'll still have Traktor's effects), but I heard that the FX in on the TTM in conjunction with the KP3 produces a low volume output for the effects. I've also heard people having success with messing around with the KP3's settings to get a better output. Anyone have such luck and care to share those settings?

    Thanks for your time & input guys,


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    Personally comparing the two mixers, I like the Rane better. I just like the feel of them, and that's a personal preference thing. If you don't need the extra channels then I feel it's probably worth the trade.

    I would say it's a decent trade if you are interested in a better quality 2 channel mixer. I mean, that thing is honestly pretty beast (the Rane). I don't have any experience other than playing around on both a little bit, so I don't know about the FX info.
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    The Rane is a much better mixer when it comes to build quality but i dont see the point in this swap. The Rane is a scratch mixer and if you dont own decks i dont see the point.

    The Rane is discontinued now. The 56s has taken its place which maybe the reason for the deal?

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