Controllerism practice and exercise?
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    Default Controllerism practice and exercise?

    I did some diving into the forum records but didn't find anything on this topic, since everyone seem to beyond this stage.

    I've just picked up a Oxygen 25, because it seemed to be the best I could go for in that price-range (Since I am more into doing live-laptop music rather than true DJing, even though I'm interested in DJing techniques).

    While playing around with different mappings in Ableton Live is all good and all, I'd like to actually do some practice exercises with it.

    What basic controllerism-techniques should I learn to be able to start being creative with different songs? Beat-juggling? Drop Cue-Points (Altough that seems to be hard in Ableton Live)?

    I'm pretty keen on starting to do some mixes, but first I'd like to actually be able to do the jumping and looping stuff since I've decided to keep most songs automated and warped (rendering beat matching useless)

    My goal is to be able to take my produced, static, songs and re-produce and remix them live by taking the different parts of all songs and throw them together based on my and the crowds mood. Similar to Daft Punk, I suppose.

    Thanks in advance

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    Beat Juggling and Cue Dropping is especially EASY in Live. Just create a clip for each cue point you want, and then midi map the keys on your oxygen to the corresponding clips. For practice, you should set the global quantize to NONE, and start mashing keys!
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    When you get tired of looking at the computer screen, but feel you sill need practice this is good.
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