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    Default what laptop to buy

    Hello. I am very new to the world of digitial spinning. I have spun in various clubs on cd decks over the past 12 years and am now wanting to switch to digital. I have had so many differing oppinions on what to get, macbook or pc laptop. I keep hearing that macbook is better but I never hear reasons why. I also hear that there is no reasont o get a mac over a PC but I am not entirely convicned of this either. Can somone shed some light on this?

    The other concern is that I have a pair of cdj 400's and have considered using them as controlers for serato, any thoughts on this?

    Thanks in advance


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    Mac's are just more powerful, And most pc's need to be completely modified to have a stable set-up in a club.

    Just what i know.
    I'm pretty sure it's right

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    All depends what you want to do.

    You will get the PC purists saying that the PC CAN perform like a MAC.

    While that may be true....does it do it EVERYTIME?

    I would say ...go for a Mac. Not cuz I have one....but cuz of the security.
    It does not fail like a Windows PC.

    It is FUCKING stable. This is what you want out of a gigging laptop.

    IN regards to the CDJ400's and Serato.....if you only wanna spin tracks....this would work for you.

    If you wanna get in a bit deeper and have some amazing FX....go Traktor.

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    macbook pro... duh
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    I think its real simple.
    If you are knowledgable with computers and can get under the hood and safely suspend services and tweak and fiddle with some pretty serious stuff then get a PC cus they are cheap.

    If you are not that proficient at getting down and dirty with computers and would rather the damn thing just work out of the box get a Mac.

    I have no inclination what so ever in fiddling with a laptop just to get it to run a dj program . Id rather be Djing or watching paint dry...

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    Oh lordy, the monthly Mac vs. PC doozie. Well, as time and time again has proven, the safest answer is as always: it depends on your preference, and personally, I own both.

    Let me begin with saying: if Mac's were all that and a bag of chips, there wouldn't be a website called MacFixIt. Let that sink in for a minute lol.

    On the flip side, Mac customer support is absolutely kick ass. Their hardware quality is excellent, and you pay the premium for a really well made product.

    If you actually know what you're doing, or have the drive to do so, a
    PC is fine. Honestly. People who have bad experiences with using a PC probably didn't know what the hell they were doing, because if they did, they would have just fixed it instead of ranting about their problem. And chances are if they did "fix it" and it still "didn't work", they didn't fix it properly lol. A good portion of the time, PC problems are a PEBKAC error with the exception of real hard failure, which trust me, happens with Mac as well.

    If you don't want to be bothered with it, and just want to pay the premium and begin working on stuff, Mac is more suited towards you. No, this is not because it's the most bad ass, end-all be-all solution for anything and everything, but the simple fact is that Mac OSX's user interface, workflow, and performance-to-effort ratio out of the box is leaned towards that.

    But anyhow, my opinion is that it's all marketing bullshit no matter how much you spin it. People are under this false impression that Mac's have bullet proof kevlar vests around the OS, but the honest truth is that it is less secure than Windows, and there are reputable sources to back this up. The fact of the matter is that nobody gives a shit enough to really exploit them since they don't have a large market share like Windows does. Trust me, if the market stronghold was reversed, you'd see Mac owners with the same problems.

    Stability boils down to the user, plain and simple. I'm a degree holding IT of over 10 years and I can safely say there is no operating system, anti-virus, hardware or software replacement for good common sense, or knowledge on how to properly fine tune your investment, or maintain and fix it. Treat your computer as you would a nice car. Clean it out every once in a while, tune it up, and pay attention every once in a while to how its running.

    Now that is not to say that a Mac doesn't have it's inherent benefits (as does a PC). Anytime you build the hardware around the OS, you are going to get streamlined stability and performance benefits which are obvious. Personal use, I love using OSX for it's fluid workflow, and I love using Windows XP/7 because of it's familiarity and compatibility.

    Windows has some issues, but honestly, I've seen it used in clubs (1015 Folsom, San Francisco for starters) and in production studios, and it works just fine. The OS will only reflect the user habits and knowledge.

    I have built customized versions of Windows XP Pro using nLite (I also have experience with Windows XP Embedded) which streamline service packs, hotfixes, drivers, and programs centric to the target system - and guess what - it worked phenomenally, and the people I have done it for love their systems. Windows just natively runs lots of services and processes because it assumes the user to going to use it (really, how many people use fax services, muchless security card, or biometric services?), those are the things to shut down, turn off, or remove. This is why it's often recommended to "trim the fat" from the operating system.

    Unsure of what choice to make?, if you have the money, just buy a Mac, and bootcamp it with Windows XP/7. See which OS you like using over time. I highly recommend the experience of owning one at least once

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    Was about to blow money on a new macbook pro, however i have been reading about a graphics crash's (when running windows OR OSX). Also been recommended by a few people (including one who got his first Apple technician's certificate in 1981) who rekons not to buy a macbook until this issue has been sorted out or until a new revision where this issue has been fixed.

    Theres a thread on the apple forum about this issue here - http://discussions.apple.com/thread....t=120&tstart=0 ( 18 page long thread of unhappy i5/i7 mac users )

    So id recommend holding off buying a new MBP until this issue is sorted out.

    As for i5 vs i7 core, i have been thinking that for the extra $$$ that the i7 might not be worth it for the little extra performance that is attained - thats highly subjective though. Still deciding if id fork out the extra $ for the approx 15% performance boost.
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    Not trying to stir the pot, but is there not an audio performance benefit in macs in the way they ground their motherboards (supposed to reduces hum)? This was an argument I heard a while ago and don't know if it holds water.

    I'm a mac fanboy, but if I was absolutely stuck I would not hesitate to run a PC. Its just a mmauve says, you do have to put more effort into streamlining the processes for optimal audio performance but at the end of the day they are comparable platforms.

    So in conclusion, buy a mac!

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    Default Xps 16, vs macbook pro

    what you guys are going about is stupid??? the regular pc not being able to sustain softwear like traktor, my PC cost me 950!!! NEW, and is specced better then a macbook in EVERY aspect, and i dont have to do stupid shit like pay for phone support with apple when i have a problem, so ill rephrase what other people said
    PC will work if your not retarted and dont treat your comp like shit,
    and for those of you questioning what i just said,heres a link to my comp

    now to explain why the dell xps 16 is a better candidate than a macbook pro

    OVERVIEW- the computers i will be comparing are both using the exact i5 processor, the dell is 1100, the mac is 2050

    HARD DRIVES- apple gives you a 500GB shitty as 5400RPM drive,Dell gives you a solid 320gb 7200RPM (roughly equal value but dells gives better performance)

    RAM- both have 4gb ddr3 macbook upgradable to 8 for $420, dell upgradable to 6 for $150, or 8 for $275 (DELL WINS)

    SCREEN- the mac gives you a 15.4'' screen @1440by900, upto 1680by1050, while dell's 15.6'' gives you 1600by900, and 1920by1080 (DELL WINS)

    GRAPHICS- the mac gives you abolsutely no option to upgrade and speak very little about there pinner 256mb 330m card they use in the pro, where as dell boasts there 1GB HD4670 card. (DELL WINS)

    CONNECTIONS AND SIZE- the mac gets its first advantage with a clean .95 height but dell stays really close with .95 in the front, and 1.34 towards the back of the laptop(angle is good) macbook pro also weighing less at 5.6 lb's vs dells 6.3, the dell has 3 usb ports, 1 combined with esata (wich is cool), macbook pro only has 2 (3 is alot more useful), the dell has a 1394a firewire will the mac has an 800 (basically exactly the same specs),my dell has 2!!!! headphone out (with program like vdj u can set it up for cueing) and a line in ,vs macs single in and out. next the mac has a single sd card slot, vs dells sd AND expresscard slot (good for new echo audiocards), next the macbook pro has mini display port vs dells hdmi and vga connectors. (i would say dell takes it because of the functionality but its personal pref)

    BATTERY AND DISK DRIVE- while apple doesnt like to give an exact time i will trust them for the 8-9 hours they claim the macbook pro's run for, (apples only advantage), but if you get a 9 cell like me, you computer gets a slight angle wich accually makes it nicer to use and keeps it cooler easier, the 9cell last's just under 5 hours and the 6 cell just over 3, disk drive, both optical drives, DVD+RW 8 speed

    the single comparison i am not able to make and would like some honest help on is average running remp, i have heard lots of complaints about xps1640, and have yet to feel this problems for myself, my comp sits between 45 and 50 degrees celius and gets upto about 65 when im running dual monitor gaming with music, YET i have felt macbook pro's get decently hot aswell, and i would not be suprised if they easily reached the same temps, if anyone could give me there finds that would be nice, cheers, and i really hope this will convince some people that having there head stuck around macs is not the way to go, they are good computers that are priced to high

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    I just bought a refurbished MacBook Pro for $300 off the other day. Lovin it!!

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