Numark M6 mixer?
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    Default Numark M6 mixer?

    Does anyone out there have this? I understand its kind of new.. pros/ cons.. I'd appreciate you feedback.. Thanks in advance!
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    Seems nice overall, but don't like the placing of the cf assign pots. Might get in the way when you're using the linefaders...
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    I'm not sure of the M6, but i bought an M2 a few weeks back when i was in a jam.
    Overall, it works, but not very well. The phono pre's are junk, i always get a hum, no matter what i do. The EQ's are decent, curves are almost like the DJM's. The crossfader has about a 1/8th inch gap before it starts to kick on, this makes scratching a pain in the ass. And the slope on the volume faders is ridiculous, little to no sound untill 75-80% of the way up, and a steep slope to full from their.
    I'm not sure if this will help, as i'm not sure if any of the components are the same.
    But these are some issues that i would check out before buying. If you get a chance to play with one hands on, then check 'em out.

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