do i need an sl1 box for...
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    Default do i need an sl1 box for...

    if i bought the scs1d and 1m system with built in audio interface in the scs1m do i still need to buy the serato scratch live box, is it possible to only use the templates the scs1d and 1m come with? can i use the audio interface that comes inside this mixer? Would i be safe just downloading the latest version of serato from their website?

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    try it, but it looks like you need one of their audio interfaces as they also function as a dongle to enable the software.

    considering that the scs 1 system isn't listed as an approved controller, I'd bet it doesn't work without hardware.

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    you will need either and SL1 or SL3 to run serato scratch live, or a TTM57 or SIXTY EIGHT

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