need help with iTM DJ
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    Default need help with iTM DJ

    just installed iTM DJ app in my itouch and itouch midi WIN in my laptop.The situation is i can't figure out how to get my itouch connected to laptop.please guide me how to set the port,IP and to get both networked.I need step by step guidance...please help....i'm lost.......i'm desperate to use iTM app....somebody help!

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    Have you installed the iTouchMidi app from ? Do you have wifi on on the laptop and phone? Have you selected the phone or iTouchMidi in the controller section of Traktor and set the in and out ports to iTouchMidi? Have you loaded a mapping that works with iTouchMidi?
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    Although not on a mac, a thing that had me temporarily tripped up was using my house's wireless instead of creating a separate wifi network. It may not solve the problem for you, but it's worth a try. Also make sure you have the program running not just on your computer.

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    If you are using a laptop with Windows, you need to use a third part software : Midi Yoke
    You can find some tutorial in the itm site.

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