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    Default So confused - i'm crying. seriously ... crying.

    I've never been so confused in my life.

    1. Can i use these instructions to make my 1.2 into a 1.3?
    2. Where can I get an original TSI file?.... 1.0?
    3. How do you load TKS files? Traktor only takes tsi files.
    4. Are we sure this is supposed to be this difficult?


    Quote Originally Posted by EanGolden View Post
    Version 1.1

    • the firmware with the "ramp up problem"


    the jog wheel touch sensor turns off when the wheel stops turning, not when you release your finger.

    Version 1.2
    • VCI-100's with a green sticker on the back are firmware version 1.2
    • If you press both "scratch/jog" buttons at once and the pitch bend is disabled then you have 1.2
    • the fourth FX buttons are the send the same messages as the cue section creating a mapping problem

    Version 1.3
    • The firmware from the VCi-100SE designed by Dj TechTools
    • You can tell if you have 1.3 by following these steps.

      1) connect your vci-100 to a computer but dont start traktor.

      2) Click the button that is at the top right hand corner of the left jog wheel (its next to the filter knob for deck A).

      3) If this button toggles on and off then you have 1.3 (the same button on the right side will not toggle on and off.

    Here are a few of the changes made in 1.3

    general improvements:

    * Eliminated the problem where the 4th FX buttons trigger other buttons (cue)
    * added midi in functionality to the loop buttons
    * added a note on to the jog wheel in scroll mode


    * turned the filter knobs into double knobs (0-127 on the left and right side)
    * added a "freeze function" to the bottom of each fader and top of the fx knobs. this sends out a 127 message only at the end of the movement
    * added inverted messages to the faders (this allows an effect to be turned on by turning the fader down- not possible otherwise)
    * added unique values to the FX buttons (these were used for direct FX selection- now added in Traktor Pro)

    To assist in mapping a user here on the boards created a diagram of the added messages.
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    where can i download the 1.3 firmware???

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    Where can I download e firmware 1.2?? thanks

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    sry got a quick question got firmware 1.2 and my pitchfaders in traktor do not move over the full distance in the traktor layout on my desktop any1 got the same problem ???

    and is the firmware upgrade kit available at the moment..

    sry for my english

    greetings from berlin

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    Default Vestax VCI-100MK2


    I'm looking at buying a new controller to use with 4 deck Traktor Pro. I cant afford an S4/DDJ-T1, and am considering either a Reloop Jockey 3, or the new Vestax VCI100-MK2. I really like this mapping and was wondering if it will work with the Vestax VCI-100MK2?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Existing mappings will not work the same, but they would probably be a good starting point for creating a custom one. I'm sure given some time mappings will start to show up for the MKII. DJTT has already said they will continue to produce the SE and arcade models as long as they can buy used units after their current stock runs out.


    Even without a built in sound card I still think it really is a better controller.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pARtybOy View Post
    I ordered this frimware kit today,will I have to pay taxes?I´m from Portugal-Europe
    and in this version 1.3,is ramp up issue fixed?
    thank you
    Oi Dani, ainda tens o Firmware Kit? Se ainda o tiveres queres vender?

    Chegou hoje o meu VCI-100 e curtia fazer o upgrade mas mandar vir daki do site sai mta caro.

    Se já não o tiveres sabes de alguem que tenha um aqui em Portugal?



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