Best way to sync 2 laptops?
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    Default Best way to sync 2 laptops with 2 CDJ-1000?

    I'm trying to setup 2 laptops for back to back gigging with my mate. My PC runs Traktor Pro and Ableton synced with audio being routed to Ableton for VST DSP + loop triggering. His Macbook Pro will run Ableton only, for same purposes. I will use my trusty VCI-100 with traktor, he will play CDs on two CDJ-1000. Audio from both soundcards and the CDJ's will be sent to DJM-800 mixer.
    My questions:
    1. Will it be possible to sync laptops over LAN or by other means, when I already have Traktor MIDI sync clock sending to Ableton internally?
    2. Is it possible to sync CDJ's to laptops, so that it wouldn't be necessary to manually sync when playing CDs?
    3. Is there any easier way of connecting it all, i.e sending clock from DJM-800 or the likes?

    Anyone with experience in this matter are more than welcome to make suggestions or link to similar setups

    Thank you for reading!
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    There may well be some third party midi clock software that can sync this lot together, but the fact that you are playing cdj's as well, makes me wonder why you don't just hook up each setup to a channel on a mixer, and mix by ear ?
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    Because I want to use effects as gate, looper etc. in Ableton with audio from both Traktor and CDJs, and for it to sound as intended, the audio source and effects need to be in sync. Also, I plan to play samples and loops on top of the audio source. Otherwise, yes - I could certainly manage mixing manually

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