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    Default Streaming id3 tags

    Hi guys

    So I have been given a mission by a local big named promoter and budding internet radio guy. They want to know if there is a way to stream the id3 tags from live broadcast.

    Now, generally, I wouldn't think this would be terrible difficult. Unfortunately, they want to do it based on a CD DJ system. So, in effect, they want to run the stream directly out of a DJ mixer, into a laptop and blow it up over the internet. Now, with the advent of software like Shazam, which we've talked about here, would you guys think there is any way to have Shazam in the middle, identify the song, then dump that information in the way of an id3 tag, or any tag, so the stream can have adequate song recognition.

    I, personally, don't think there is a way to do this. Especially in the world of DJs where two songs might be played at once, it won't recognize a mashup or a complicated mix. But, I figured, during the course of my research, I'd bring this up here.

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    I seem to recall that one of the streaming protocols had ways of embedding track info into the stream - Icecast may have settings for that, it has a load of encoder backends.

    OK, not really an answer. Best I can do.

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