optimizing your mac book for traktor 3.4
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    Default optimizing your mac book for traktor 3.4

    how do you ensure traktor works at it's full potential on your mac book? especially when your a club dj? and what kind a fail safes should you have in place?

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    To be honest... I've never needed a failsafe with my macbook or any other machine running mac os. If it runs perfectly at home, chances are it'll run perfectly at the gig... Although I'm not saying random shit won't happen and confuse the hell out of you... Keep it clean, clear of dust (Hardware test CD can turn your fan up full blast to expell some dust but there are also fan utilities). I use an app caleld "caffeine" that disables your monitor dim and screensaver while on (it resides in the menu bar as an icon) a screensaver still takes up system resources and can at times, wreak havoc on your audio that is playing through, for a number of reasons. Also I like to run an extensive hardware test atleast once a week (loop mode overnight on the apple hardware test disk) to check for any RAM problems or any data loss across any of the buses... Hope this helps man. PEACE
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    i run traktor on my mac book its pretty old and the cpu has its moments of chaos and the music cuts out or skips. but if i turn every other function off bluetooth and wifi included it runs fine for gigs too.
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    I'm using a 2006 verison black MacBook. No problems. All I did was turnoff the screen saver, mac out the ram. And set traktor 3 under settings to Hi CPU and max on of 256 mb for decks 1&2 & 3&4
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