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    I am a compete novice who has had a few lessons from my friend on her VCI-300 with ITCH.

    I am looking at buying a Midi Controller and wondered what would be best. The VCI-100 or VCI-300? I know the VCI-100 needs a sound card but why and what does the sound card do? Are the functions on the VCI-100 the same as the VCI-300? IN regards to the 100 I see you have to download "Mappings." Can anyone explain what "Mappings" are and why you need them?

    Also I see there is a far more complicated setup for the VCI-100 than the VCI-300. In the long run what would be better to have.

    Sorry for all the questions and I hope someone can help me.

    Thanks Matt

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    the sound card is used to give you a high quality sound signal to plug into a mixer. the vci 300 has one build in and has rca plugs in the back.

    this is just my personal opinion so take it or leave it =D: i have used itch before and was not at all satisfied. i almost gave up djing! i would recommend going with the vci 100 and traktor. it is waaaaaay more flexible than itch is.

    everything on traktor can be controlled by the mouse. sometimes you have to do some complicated stuff that would be almost impossible to do with just one mouse. the vci 100 would act as a midi controller--all the functions in traktor are midi-mappable. you can make your own mapping to fit your own style or you can download someone else's mapping---ean goldens mappings are amazing. plus, you have a great community here on DJTT that is very willing to help!

    good luck! =D

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    The VCI-100 and even the 300 for that matter are essentially just like special keyboards. They send a signal (midi) to the computer telling it what keys you pushed or knobs you turned. The VCI-100 and Traktor combo is more customizable than the VCI-300 Itch combo. The biggest difference being FX I think (I've never used Itch or a VCI-300). There are loads more FX in Traktor and the 100 is ready to use them.

    Mappings are how you tell the software (Traktor) what each key press on your controller is supposed to do. You don't have to use a controller like a VCI-100 or 300, Traktor has a mapping for a regular computer keyboard that will get the job done. Plus if you have an iPhone/iPad/ Touch you can get TouchOSC and control Traktor with that as well.

    The sound card plugs into the USB port on the computer and sends the sound out to speakers. It also gives you the ability to cue up songs in your headphones without that sound going to the speakers. There are different quality of sound cards and I think the general consensus, on this site at least, is that the Native Instrument sound cards sound the best. $99 gets you an Audio 2 DJ and you get great sound and a sound card that you'll always be able to use.
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    also traktor comes with a 'stock' map for the 100

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