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    Default Windows 7 DAW checklist

    Just splurged on a new Lenovo lapy and its my 1st intro to Windows 7.

    I bought it to be a strictly gig-laptop (hopefully). Im going through right now and removing all the bloat-ware but am not too familiar with the OS like I was with XP on what to remove and what to leave.

    Im pretty sure "programs & features" area of the control panel isnt all I have to remember. I've changed the performance settings to prioritize "backround services" and havent started making changes to the stuff I see in the "streamline your PC" article here yet.

    Im going to try to make an image of the OS once done (since they dont include the Windows discs anymore). This will also take some google'ing.

    Any suggestions on where to start or good resources for new Windows 7 DAW streamline checklists?

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    NI has a decent guide to streamlining windows 7. do a google search, there are loads of resources out there.

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